Monday, September 22

Gary Busey is the Man!

For my College we have Anthologies come out every year. They have a theme and you can submit anything to do with that topic. This year's is Biographies... so I thought about doing a bio on someone that just blows my mind, Gary Busey, but I'm not....this is a sketch for that idea tho. Just look at that crazy gleam in his eyes!

If anyone has ideas about a good Biography to do that would be cool, let me know....until then I'll leave you with Gary...


  1. Gary Busey is the man. I just got his voice on my GPS. I got it from and I love it. What a guy. He says things like; "If you come across road kill it is law that you pull over and have a roadside BBQ." Something like that anyway. Love the drawing, check this clip out:

  2. i need a copy of your drawing. i will send you a scumlord busey shirt

  3. could i use your busey cartoon in a flyer im designing? i figured i'd ask first.