Tuesday, March 24

This is the banner I made for the guys at the 13 Bricks shop! They wanted something kinda mythological yet classical, I really liked the idea of the 4th wonder of the world Zues at Olympia and ran with it...

Wednesday, February 25

A DC Western

   I just love a good Western. I found and old western magazine cover and wanted to see if I could recreate what I liked with some DC western characters. Jonah Hex is great, but sadly he’s the only one who gets most the spotlight. So I dusted off some others and tried to do something a little different.

       Also, Johnny Thunder, has awesome glove and pants. It’s more John Wayne than Clint Eastwood (at least unless you are from Hill Valley) He had some amazing covers in the day by Toth for All American Western and riffed on that a bit. Some of my favorite reads were all the B stories for the Jonah Hex series by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti. So I tried a little bit of that.

Here is the original Magazine and some other references I like:

- I really Like looking at old comics from Digital Comic Museum and finding inspiration from early designs and styles. They have a flash that really catches my eye. 
- As I said earlier I love that Fantasy Western look that does get a bit polished off by the "Deadwood-ie" look now. Which IS FINE, I dig it when done right. But it is more a Legends of Zelda > Game of Thrones take that is less seen.
- I love the design of the Bandit in the 2006 movie The Fall. I kinda took that idea for costume for El Diablo, not sure if it worked perfectly, but Zorro/Black Bandit was my attempt.
- and lastly, found a great Reference from Dearraleigh in trying to do a different version on Madame .44, which my be my favorite name now.

         Anywho, it started as a test for digital and turned into another DC Comics world that would be neat to do. Oh Dreams…

Tuesday, October 7

American Hell

Worked on a short film and helped create the look of three of the main characters.

Wanted to start posting more regularly, so here are some designs and final piece I did for the film!

Go to AMERICAN HELL to check out the film!

Wednesday, October 9


I loved my G.I. Joes as a kid as I'm sure many of you did as well. I only had a handful and so they became THE ONLY G.I. Joes to me. These were my 4 favs that I wanted to try to recreate.

May do more, if people give me any suggestions I like...

Monday, June 24

Bitch of the West Part I- Dorothy Gale

Dorothy Gale lived and worked on her aunt and uncle's ranch sweating and keeping all in line until, like a tornado, a gang of circus folk attack and burn down her entire ranch to the ground. With uncle Henry missing in the wreckage and aunt Em clutching to life, Dorothy is forced to head to a land that she has only heard of, the City of Oz. It was told to her by a beautiful woman in white at the railroad station that in Oz is a doctor that can save and even restore what once was and give her back her home.

"Follow the Yellow Railroad. Everything will be answered. Follow the Yellow Railroad"

Dorothy gazes into the woman's eyes. They seem to contain an ocean touched by the sun, she stares speechless.

As almost as by magic, The woman disappears into the crowd, Dorothy left with a crowd all humming the stories of Oz. As she comes out of the trance left in by the woman she here's the crowd each echoing her words...


Follow the Yellow railroad.

Dorothy with her horse Toto, start a journey to the mysterious city of Oz following the Yellow Railroad and will soon come face to face with...


of the


After Houdini

Hey everyone!

I am so proud to finally bring you what I've been working on for about a year now.
written by: Jeremy Holt [link]
Drawn by ME
and Cover Colored by the wonderful Faylnn K [link]

After Houdini is "a semi-biographical action/adventure that follows the estranged son of Harry Houdini, who—besides being the world’s most famous magician—is a covert spy for American and British Intelligence in the lead up to WWI."

I really am excited to see something I've put a lot of heart into make it out in the world! I can't wait to put out the second issue coming soon.
If you wanna see more go over to Challenger Comics to pick up your Digital copy!!

|||||||Go Here: [link] ||||||

Thank you for every's support and encourgament for AH! You all make it so fun, Thanks for helping me keep going.


Wednesday, March 27

Southpaw Online

Hey everybody!

Wanna know what I've been up to?

 Well here is the "Fabulous" Ryan Ferrier's comic Southpaw I drew with the "Lazer Lad" Neil Lalonde on colors!! This was for Challenger Comics new anthology "Bloody F***ing Revenge"

They have decided to give out Southpaw for FREE!! Get it. Read it. Tell EVERYONE.

Click above to read Southpaw for FREE

I'm so happy to be a part of  such an amazing team. Ryan is the best there is, and what he does is make a great comic. Neil blew me away with how fresh these colors were. He made me look 100% better.

Be sure to look for the whole anthology coming out sometime soon!

till next time,


Wednesday, December 19

The Fourth World and New Gods

I have been tearing through some Fourth World trades lately and just love the whole spirit and feel of them. It reminds me of reading early Image books when I was a kid. I just see the love and craft that went into creating such a thing. They are not perfect, but that is not the point. Kirby is just having fun and enjoying the act of creating. I miss that type of thinking dearly....

Today's comics spend SO much time convincing you that they are cool to the point that they lose a freewill, spirit, imagination, craft, or joy. NOT ALL obviously, but it seems to be a norm in the Big Event-to-Event times we live.

Jack Kirby was just having FUN creating stories. His Fourth World stuff is not really the most complex or complicated story, but he blows you away with the craft and energy of each exploding panel! Thel layouts and scenes in each frame show an amazingly expressive and emotional story that pulls you closer and keeps you turning the page.

Hail to the King, baby.

I know that none of this is new, gushing about Jack Kirby happens to every comic-book fan/geek/artist/watcher at so point, but I'll just pretend to be every 14 year old with internet connection nowadays and say that I am the first to come up with these thoughts and now I will comment on other things that say different and pwn all over there blogs!

Just Joshing your Tatters man...gosh.

Wednesday, October 3

The Big Dump

So here are some sketches that I finally get to put up. It's been a long while since my last post due to the combo of work, life and no scanner of my own. I just wanted to put up a couple things to show I'm still alive and chuggin' along.

With that said, I just finished a pitch that I am VERY excited for and hopefully be able to post more soon.

See ya Space Cowboys,


Friday, July 20

Everyones Help

 Remember this?
I need everyone to go give me a 5 star rating to help me win the contest, the link is below.

Every 5 star counts!!

Friday, June 8

Doom Has Come to Save Us All

SO, I have been a little absent lately with not having a regular way to scan everything I do all day... BUT...


This is a design I did for a t-shirt contest for welovefine.com ! Go check out all there wonderful designs and pick yourself something cool, you deserve it.

I kinda thought it would be cool to make Dr. Doom like a religious Icon. I figured hes always played up as the scientist dictator, but I wanted to almost make it that he is considered God of Latveria. He used to always have a mystic sorcerer side that I think they played down in the past couple years.

I wanted to bring that part back to him. It's one reason I think the movie version failed, is that he was just an angry smart guy. There wasn't a scary unknown to him. He is what Darth Vader is scared of, the scariest of baddies. So I hope I created that a little bit in this piece.

I'm not really sure how the judging will work, but I'll keep you updated.

For right now I don't have much else, but don't worry, this summer is looking like a packed couple months at the drawing table so stay tuned!

Also I thought this would be a cool Desktop background:

You all have a wonderful week!

Tuesday, April 3

Raw Fury Action

Just a few things I was drawing while reading some old Nick Fury. Howard Chaykin and Archie Goodwin rocked some comics on him!!!

Alas, I am no Howard Chaykin, but, this is my go at the old war horse!

Wednesday, February 29