Wednesday, December 19

The Fourth World and New Gods

I have been tearing through some Fourth World trades lately and just love the whole spirit and feel of them. It reminds me of reading early Image books when I was a kid. I just see the love and craft that went into creating such a thing. They are not perfect, but that is not the point. Kirby is just having fun and enjoying the act of creating. I miss that type of thinking dearly....

Today's comics spend SO much time convincing you that they are cool to the point that they lose a freewill, spirit, imagination, craft, or joy. NOT ALL obviously, but it seems to be a norm in the Big Event-to-Event times we live.

Jack Kirby was just having FUN creating stories. His Fourth World stuff is not really the most complex or complicated story, but he blows you away with the craft and energy of each exploding panel! Thel layouts and scenes in each frame show an amazingly expressive and emotional story that pulls you closer and keeps you turning the page.

Hail to the King, baby.

I know that none of this is new, gushing about Jack Kirby happens to every comic-book fan/geek/artist/watcher at so point, but I'll just pretend to be every 14 year old with internet connection nowadays and say that I am the first to come up with these thoughts and now I will comment on other things that say different and pwn all over there blogs!

Just Joshing your Tatters man...gosh.

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