Thursday, May 5

Get Ready for Tomorrows

So I recently finished a Dark Horse comic coming out later this year. I'm so happy with how these pages turned out. It really was a big undertaking finishing up a book that several amazing artists like Jason Copeland, Alexis Ziritt, Andrew MacLean, Ian McEwan and Liam Cobb, also I can't forget colorist Adam Metcalfe.

Cyber Punk, Light sabers, buzzcuts and Existential End of world spell casting. The Tomorrows was never a dull moment to draw. Also the first time in a while that I didn't color my work on top of pencils and inks. It was a bit of a change to my work-flow that I didn't expect.

Hopefully people dig the pages and it wraps up a great story done by Curt Pires. I'm really glad he gave me the opportunity to sink my teeth in.

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