Wednesday, February 25

A DC Western

   I just love a good Western. I found and old western magazine cover and wanted to see if I could recreate what I liked with some DC western characters. Jonah Hex is great, but sadly he’s the only one who gets most the spotlight. So I dusted off some others and tried to do something a little different.

       Also, Johnny Thunder, has awesome glove and pants. It’s more John Wayne than Clint Eastwood (at least unless you are from Hill Valley) He had some amazing covers in the day by Toth for All American Western and riffed on that a bit. Some of my favorite reads were all the B stories for the Jonah Hex series by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti. So I tried a little bit of that.

Here is the original Magazine and some other references I like:

- I really Like looking at old comics from Digital Comic Museum and finding inspiration from early designs and styles. They have a flash that really catches my eye. 
- As I said earlier I love that Fantasy Western look that does get a bit polished off by the "Deadwood-ie" look now. Which IS FINE, I dig it when done right. But it is more a Legends of Zelda > Game of Thrones take that is less seen.
- I love the design of the Bandit in the 2006 movie The Fall. I kinda took that idea for costume for El Diablo, not sure if it worked perfectly, but Zorro/Black Bandit was my attempt.
- and lastly, found a great Reference from Dearraleigh in trying to do a different version on Madame .44, which my be my favorite name now.

         Anywho, it started as a test for digital and turned into another DC Comics world that would be neat to do. Oh Dreams…

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