Monday, June 24

Bitch of the West Part I- Dorothy Gale

Dorothy Gale lived and worked on her aunt and uncle's ranch sweating and keeping all in line until, like a tornado, a gang of circus folk attack and burn down her entire ranch to the ground. With uncle Henry missing in the wreckage and aunt Em clutching to life, Dorothy is forced to head to a land that she has only heard of, the City of Oz. It was told to her by a beautiful woman in white at the railroad station that in Oz is a doctor that can save and even restore what once was and give her back her home.

"Follow the Yellow Railroad. Everything will be answered. Follow the Yellow Railroad"

Dorothy gazes into the woman's eyes. They seem to contain an ocean touched by the sun, she stares speechless.

As almost as by magic, The woman disappears into the crowd, Dorothy left with a crowd all humming the stories of Oz. As she comes out of the trance left in by the woman she here's the crowd each echoing her words...


Follow the Yellow railroad.

Dorothy with her horse Toto, start a journey to the mysterious city of Oz following the Yellow Railroad and will soon come face to face with...


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  1. Kevin, Love your artwork. Is there a way I can contact you about a possible collaboration? I'm on twitter @kbarrett.