Monday, June 24

After Houdini

Hey everyone!

I am so proud to finally bring you what I've been working on for about a year now.
written by: Jeremy Holt [link]
Drawn by ME
and Cover Colored by the wonderful Faylnn K [link]

After Houdini is "a semi-biographical action/adventure that follows the estranged son of Harry Houdini, who—besides being the world’s most famous magician—is a covert spy for American and British Intelligence in the lead up to WWI."

I really am excited to see something I've put a lot of heart into make it out in the world! I can't wait to put out the second issue coming soon.
If you wanna see more go over to Challenger Comics to pick up your Digital copy!!

|||||||Go Here: [link] ||||||

Thank you for every's support and encourgament for AH! You all make it so fun, Thanks for helping me keep going.


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