Tuesday, December 23

Wiping off the dust...

So I think it's been a couple months since I posted anything. I really have been busy with school work and finals and getting everthing in order back at home on break.

But, with this giant break I now have a bunch work to show . So I can put on some sketches and colored stuff that I did. But I am just gonna give you little bite size bits...so you don't become a junkie!

For Starters:

Geekshow Entertainment Artwork... new site coming 2009... www.geekshow.us

Dynamic Posing, character I created jumping out window... no biggy!

A scratchboard working on light again.

The Docter Guy-
A light study, working with a combination of charcoal, Pen and Whiteout.

Nightcrawler- lines: The Great LP
colors: Me

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