Tuesday, February 10

This Just In: Scans

Here are a couple things that I happen to scan recently.
First a Background I did for an story boarding class, a Water color version of a Murder scene I did, and finally a Self-Portrait I did last quarter (Very exaggerated mind you).

but anyways, I thought I should post some of it for you guys! Soon I am looking at doing commissions. So if you are interested let me know... seriously I would like some of the extra dough! I can draw a bunch a different pretty pictures!


  1. This Just in---your art is awesome!

  2. soooooo..... how much would you charge...?... for commission of say, portraits...?... or maybe, if you still have the original roto of Len Newton...?...
    to me, that one is priceless... (no, Master Card can't make a commercial outof that one)