Thursday, April 30

Arch Ctiy.

So I had to come up with a story for one of my classes. We had to create a world and a main character...

I came up with

Arch City

In the year 2142, two detectives stumble upon a case that could change everything they ever thought. When a mass murderer comes out of hiding to continue his inhuman acts, Detectives Derek Allen and his robot counterpart R-952 follow the clues to a genetic scientist that has been missing for over 30 years. He reveals some knowledge about himself and his mission that makes Derek question what he believes.

But yeah, here is some art to wash down all that text!


  1. Man talk about jaw-dropping... if that guy drops HIS jaw... we're talking about a richter-scale of at least 7.2...
    ..and i love those 'mood' swings... great expression...
    so the mystery remains... what exactly IS the mystery..?..

  2. yeah i want to see more of this as well. Derek gives me a very Blade Runner vibe.