Saturday, May 23

Conceptual illustration- Derek Allen

So I just finished up my Final Rendering for my Conceptual Illustration class. It's the thing that I've been posting up for the past couple weeks. Well I got the final rendering complete and looking snazzy so I thought I'd give y'all (what like 3 people?) a look-see!

Well there you go! A good looking poster if I do say so myself. I definitely took from the Blade Runner theme and used that a lot...

Oh, yeah the name change... Arch City was kinda a stand in... Fitas means Faith, I like that... nuff said.

Hope you like the groove I'm bouncing to!


  1. You know, if you ever sold artwork...i would totally buy this

  2. explain something to me... why is it i like this one so much better than the one posted on your FB page that is coloured in single-toned sepia..?..
    i really haven't been able to come up with anything other than mood, but this one has a gritty reality to it that the very same drawing with 'colour', albeit a single tone at that, says something entirely different to me....
    weird, huh..?..