Friday, April 2

The Beginning of something special

These are a couple of pages of a comic a friend and I are working on. It's a cool story about two different dudes who join together and become paranormal investigators and go around solving all those problems that go bump in the night!

I thought it would be nice to post up some pages that I penciled to show you what is to come. My friend IAN McGINTY is working on the story and also rocking out the inks. Hopefully I can post some of those on here eventually So here you go, a first look at what may be the coolest thing ever...(except for Don Draper)


  1. that last panel is too awesome

    also is that Danny McBride I spy?! The cool points just keep adding up!

  2. Haha! Well thank you Brooke, arn't you just full of compliments.

    And yes that Totally is Danny McBride!