Friday, June 8

Doom Has Come to Save Us All

SO, I have been a little absent lately with not having a regular way to scan everything I do all day... BUT...


This is a design I did for a t-shirt contest for ! Go check out all there wonderful designs and pick yourself something cool, you deserve it.

I kinda thought it would be cool to make Dr. Doom like a religious Icon. I figured hes always played up as the scientist dictator, but I wanted to almost make it that he is considered God of Latveria. He used to always have a mystic sorcerer side that I think they played down in the past couple years.

I wanted to bring that part back to him. It's one reason I think the movie version failed, is that he was just an angry smart guy. There wasn't a scary unknown to him. He is what Darth Vader is scared of, the scariest of baddies. So I hope I created that a little bit in this piece.

I'm not really sure how the judging will work, but I'll keep you updated.

For right now I don't have much else, but don't worry, this summer is looking like a packed couple months at the drawing table so stay tuned!

Also I thought this would be a cool Desktop background:

You all have a wonderful week!

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