Friday, January 9

The Process of the Cover

Finally as promised! I thought it would be kinda cool to put up the process of the cover to show what i do to create this critters.

First Scott normally sends me an idea for the cover. Or I find a theme in the script that ties it together. This is a famous cover from the "Crisis on Infinite Earths." Very neat.

After getting the cover I like to make a couple thumbnails to show Scott what I'm thinking of doing. Just some simple sketches really, to get the idea down...

Now After getting the OK from Scott on the thumbnail, I go ahead and start to finalize the cover. With the pencils I definitely go ahead and get the cover looking finished. This is where i do all the perspective stuff with ruler, get poses natural, place people in a the right ways and all that...

This the stage of Inking. I like how this stage can really change a piece sometimes. I try and do a lot of major details in this. I like to work on the inking and bringing out different qualities from the pencils.

After penciling and inking, I move onto colors. This is what the basic colors look like without lighting, shading, and Titles and such...

Shadows, Lighting, and all those wonderfull things come next and help make the colors really pop. I like this part. It can really make the covers turn from ok to wonderful!

The final touch is putting the Titles and Chapter stuff all on..

Well I hope you all enjoyed and learn a little about my process of doing covers. I plan on doing more of this of more covers. Hopefully I can find all the pencils to most of them, I here thats what a lot of people want to see.

Well stay tuned! more art to come!


  1. This is Will from Geekeasy, I came for the eyecandy...awesome post Zig!

  2. Wow, this blog is full of candy and awesomeness...

    Love seeing the process of the cover -- it's amazing what a difference the shadows and lighting make on the final!

  3. This is awesome! And candy!

    Seriously though - the process of a comic was one of my favorite things Dark Horse did on their site (for Buffy) so I really enjoyed this post.

    Exec Producer
    Buffy Between the Lines

  4. I'm glad everyone Liked! I will be sure to post more of these in the future...