Wednesday, June 24

Jonah Hex

This is a comic I did for Visual Storytelling II. We had to come up with our own story, and I chose Jonah cause he was fresh on the brain... I just thought It'd be nice to do a good ol' western!

I wanted to get into other types of techniques. I used brushes, Pen, and Nibs for this, so really testing a couple different techniques...
Ouch, Kinda just ended on a sour note, but just goes to show Don't mess with Hex...


  1. nice... very nice... if you can call being gunned down nice... love the shading esp. the frame with the lantern, and your 'nib' work gives some good splatter zone material... love those old westerns... you know... we watch "Bonanza" most everyday with Grannie Frannie...

  2. keep up the good work man! i love seeing all these badass action scenes you draw