Friday, September 4

Raw Sketch!

For those of you wanting to see want my art looks like with out all the fancy touch up and colour, here is a look at two of the newest things if done while trying to get back into drawing regularly.

This is a page right outta the sketch book. I was bored while waiting for my plane to Savannah and decided it was time for my drawing pad and I to make up and get to doing the magic we do!
I dont know why I did a fat me... maybe trying to warm myself. dont know...

This one I just finished today. My roommate and I were watching the show (The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack, in case you didn't know) and I just had to get to drawing. The pose was based off a picture I saw in Promo art... Dont remember where tho.

Anywoo, I thought I post these since I've had nothing to show for like two months. Dont you worry tho, the first quarter of my Senior year is ahead and I'm sure I'll have plenty of art rang outta me by then!


  1. Keviiiiin. Those are awesome. You're awesome. You're work just gets better and better. :)